France for the lonely traveler

Are you lonely and in or near France? Well no worries in the land of love… whether you are trying to find love in the land of love or just rock it solo… then here is a list for you. Ski or snowboard If you are single then you will understand how skiing or snowboarding […]

Top Flashiest Travelling Activities

Travelling is without any trace of doubt an amazing experience, even if just for the fact that you get to see places many of your friends back home can barely dream of seeing. Travelling also comes in many shapes and forms and from the average backpacker to the luxury traveller; you will meet a lot […]

Best Luxury Holiday Destinations in Europe

If you fancy a holiday where you can indulge in pure luxury, where would your first choice be? A Caribbean Island? The Maldives? These are some of the most popular answers, but you can actually get the same luxury in Europe. I know it’s surprising, but half of the top ten luxury destinations are actually […]

Pre-Travel Checklist – What Not to Forget

There are several important steps to take before you travel. Pre-planning helps to ensure that you, your family, and your home are protected while you’re away.  Below is a checklist reminding you of what not to forget! One – Contact bank and credit card providers. Let the companies know that you’re planning to leave town. […]

Splendid German Cruises to Embark On

Germans know their beer and they definitely know their soccer, but the truth is that there is so much more to this great country than most of the people would imagine! German river cruises and tours are the perfect way to discover this country’s top of the top and for those willing to embark on […]

Heaven on Earth: the Riviera Maya

Does that sound like an overstatement? Go to the Mexican Riviera Maya and see for yourself! You’ll come back sun bronzed, relaxed and completely awed by the incredible natural beauty of the places you’ve visited. Still not convinced? Here’s more! Have the beast beach holiday ever Where to begin? Miles of the softest, whitest beaches […]

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