Flashpacking in Virgin Gorda Of The British Virgin Islands

Flashpacking in Virgin Gorda Of The British Virgin Islands


It really doesn’t get much more flashier than this!

The third largest of the British Virgin Islands, Virgin Gorda is a spectacular place to visit for us fellow flashpackers, and if you’re lucky enough to get yourself there, you’re in for multiple treats for luxury-loving ladies. Virgin Gorda – literally translated to the “fat virgin” as it was dubbed by Christopher Columbus, owing to its profile looking like a…er…fat woman lying on her side – is tranquility defined. White sand, azure waters, blissful solitude – in this paradise you couldn’t be further away from the bustle and stress of every day life. Here are 3 reasons why you should pack your gadgets and most fashionable clothes and get your sassy self there.

The Villas

To really feel like you’ve stepped off the edge of the world into paradise, Virgin Gorda has some of the most spectacular vacation villa rentals around. For those going all out, renting a Virgin Gorda villa through Luxury retreats will ensure your trip of a lifetime. Offering everything from private staff to elite concierge services, you’ll want for nothing…and have to do nothing but relax. However, for those who prefer something a little…more modest, the hotel has plenty of other accommodation options, lovely and bright B&Bs, and even several backpacker hostels on the island.

The Beaches

As mentioned, the beaches here are picture-postcard paradisiacal perfection and you can get tired merely watching the sports enthusiasts showing off their skills whilst kitesurfing. Palm trees frame tranquil coves of crystal turquoise waters, achingly white sand with the gentlest of waves lapping at the shore. Due to the island’s formation from volcanic rocks, some beaches – most famously one known as ‘The Baths’ on the south of the island – are strewn with giant granite boulders, creating a scene as surreal as it is beautiful. The Baths is one of the island’s biggest draws for tourists, and it can get crowded at times, but it is a must-visit when you’re there. If you want to escape the crowds, the island has dozens of other isolated coves – head south of Spanish Town and you can sometimes find entire beaches to yourselves.


Although there are several bars on the island, you do not come to this island for its nightlife. Its (extremely) laid-back pace and stunning nature mean this is a spot to stop and take in the world. Stroll slowly down the beaches, do a bit of gentle snorkeling, meander around the markets of Spanish Town and finally enjoy a cocktail while watching the sunset. It’s a hard life. There are several places, which offer yoga and meditation – many of them held on the island’s secluded beaches – for those who really want to revitalize their minds and bodies during their stay.

It’s going to take something pretty special to beat this luxury spot – heaven on earth!

France for the lonely traveler

France for the lonely traveler

Are you lonely and in or near France? Well no worries in the land of love… whether you are trying to find love in the land of love or just rock it solo… then here is a list for you.

Ski or snowboard

O the dirty things I would do to a mountain like you Courchevel…

If you are single then you will understand how skiing or snowboarding can keep you occupied. Don’t know how to ski or snowboard? Then learn! It’s never too late to learn how and what better place than in the land of the upper class alcoholics? I can’t think of any place better to get loose on wine and then hit the slopes. Don’t want to do anything on the slopes that requires skill of any kind? Then try your hand at riding the bobsleigh run at La Plagne. You’ll fly at up to 56 miles an hour in a self-steering single rider bob sled. Your echoed screams of pure thrill will have you forgetting you were ever single.

Bayonne chocolatiers

Berkeley chocolate club in Bayonne, France… yes, I said a freaking chocolate club…

These are kind of like the musketeers of chocolate makers with some of them using the same machinery for over the past hundred years for some of the most authentic chocolate you are sure to find. And come on… you women will eat a full tub of ice cream in the solace of your own home… rock out with some of the best damn chocolate the world has to offer in one of the most beautiful 1st world countries to visit. Cazenave, Daranatz, & Pariés are the big three for authentic and prize-winning chocolate. Eat your heart out.

Beachside Corsica

Wine optional…

Visit Plage de Saleccia for one of the most isolated beaches in Northern Corsica. Beautiful white sand and turquoise water reside here in the location that was used as a filing location for The Longest Day. Bring a tent and even stay at the beach campsite as you fall asleep to the warm air and the sound of the water washing up on the shore. Make sure you don’t miss out on any travel coupon offers going around. There is no need to throw your money away and the likes of Travelocity have money off European flights and hotels!


Top Flashiest Travelling Activities

Top Flashiest Travelling Activities

Travelling is without any trace of doubt an amazing experience, even if just for the fact that you get to see places many of your friends back home can barely dream of seeing. Travelling also comes in many shapes and forms and from the average backpacker to the luxury traveller; you will meet a lot of people along the way.

Travelling is, of course, about seeing places, about meeting people, but also about the activities that define a particular place you visit. Which are the flashiest and fanciest travelling activities you can engage in, though? Read on and find out more.

Casino (creative commons)

Casino (creative commons)


If you want to experience online gambling at its finest – for instance when you are away from home and you are stuck in your hotel room, then http://sg.888casino.com will be a good choice. This casino puts a lot of emphasis on making players feel just the way they would feel in a normal casino and they even have real, human dealers with whom you can interact during the game. All in all, this can make for a truly exquisite experience.

At the simple hearing of the word “casino”, one will almost automatically think of luxury, money and well-off people. Although there are casinos of all sorts, targeting at all kinds of people, the truth is that gambling actually is a luxury activity.


Yachting is also associated with luxury and with fancy activities and the truth is that it is one of the most expensive things out there. If you don’t have your own yacht, or if taking it with you in your travels is simply not an option, you can rent one. The entire experience will definitely satisfy your craving for beauty, luxury and adventure at its finest.

Yacht (Creative commons)

Yacht (creative commons)

Helicopter Riding

Few things out there are as splendid as seeing a great city from the skies. Renting a helicopter to enjoy the marvellous views from up above can be a very good experience and it can be something you will most likely remember for the rest of your life.

Getting ready for a helicopter ride (creative commons)

Getting ready for a helicopter ride (creative commons)

Expensive Restaurants

Travelling is a lot about experiencing the cuisine of another culture, but when you want to do this the “fancy” way, you will love the feeling expensive restaurants can give you. With top rated chefs and with Michelin stars, these restaurants are usually located in gorgeous places as well, such as on top of a television tower, for example, so they will offer you with a breath taking view as well – and not just with a truly exquisite meal.

Of course, there are many other activities that could easily classify as “luxury”, but these ones are among the most commonly encountered. Regardless of which one you will choose, or which ones you choose, for that matter, they will definitely make for the time of your life.

Best Luxury Holiday Destinations in Europe

Best Luxury Holiday Destinations in Europe

If you fancy a holiday where you can indulge in pure luxury, where would your first choice be? A Caribbean Island? The Maldives? These are some of the most popular answers, but you can actually get the same luxury in Europe. I know it’s surprising, but half of the top ten luxury destinations are actually European countries.

Let’s see where you can lap up a lavish holiday this year, without having to travel half way around the world…

Calabria, Italy

This… is Calabria

The first places that spring to mind when people think of Italy are usually Rome, Venice, Naples, and maybe even Milan. A city break to Italy can be great fun, but if you’re looking for a chilled out week in pure luxury, head to Calabria in the south. How do you fancy relaxing on a beautiful beach, surrounded by Mediterranean gardens and a lush pine forest? Heavenly.

Evia, Greece

Part of Evia coast

Evia is one of the bigger Greek islands and is a popular destination for people searching for a luxury European holiday. This island has some gorgeous scenery, with a backdrop of domineering mountains and a clear blue sea. Beautiful surroundings are key to a relaxing and luxurious break, but this island is also packed with a rich history and a number of fantastic activities.

Albufeira, Portugal

Albufeira has amazing beaches and a bustling nightlife

Known as the Gateway to the Algarve, Albufeira is a popular holiday destination located right on the edge of Europe. If your idea of luxury is to indulge in another culture and wander around quaint villages in the warm summer sun, this is the perfect place. The Algarve is a fantastic place to kick back and relax away from the grind of daily life, whether you want to go on a Jeep Safari, snorkel with the marine life or treat yourself to a spa day.

Belek, Turkey 

Beautiful Belek

Unlike most European destinations, Belek has not been around for that long. This stunning area on the Turkish Riviera is now a comprehensive luxury resort. Complete with 16km of beautiful golden sands and a golf course boasting spectacular views, Belek is a truly fantastic destination. If you do want to soak up a bit of culture, head on a day trip to Perge or Antalya.

Just don’t forget to sort out that Turkey Visa in advance! The next time you want a break, why not indulge in European luxury instead of wasting half your holiday on the flight?

Pre-Travel Checklist – What Not to Forget

Pre-Travel Checklist – What Not to Forget

Pet friendly travel (Creative Commons)

There are several important steps to take before you travel. Pre-planning helps to ensure that you, your family, and your home are protected while you’re away.  Below is a checklist reminding you of what not to forget!

One – Contact bank and credit card providers. Let the companies know that you’re planning to leave town. This will help avoid the inconvenience of finding your card usage has been ‘frozen’ due to suspected credit-card fraud. It’s important to inform these agencies about trip details, travel dates and destinations.

Two – Arrange for travel insurance with a reputable company. There are many different types of travel insurance coverage designed to meet a variety of needs. Protect yourself from trip cancellations, interruption, and delays, and secure emergency benefits.

Three – Arrange for child, pet, and animal care. If you have children, you will need to organize their routines while away. Provide caregivers, schools, and childcare facilities with important information. Likewise, arrange for plant and pet care either within your home or in a different setting.

Four – Record emergency and contact numbers. Carry this information with you and to give to responsible friends, family members, and neighbors at home. Include the cellphone number that you will be using during travel, hotel numbers, addresses, and physicians’ phone number. Also remember to include pet and babysitters’ numbers, bank, and credit card contacts.

Five – Stop mail and newspaper deliveries. Unless you have arranged for someone to take care of your home, you will want to stop deliveries while you’re away.

Six – Prepare your home. In addition to stopping deliveries, set up light and security systems. Clean up and remove trash and perishable foods. Adjust the temperature of your home. Turn the thermostat down or off, or set the dial to maintain a comfortable temperature for plants and animals.

Seven – Back-up computer data.If you plan to take your computer with you, it’s important to back up all information. Use a system designed specifically for this purpose. Clear camera memory and save records and data. Charge batteries before you leave, and remember to pack the charger(s) and power converter.

Eight – Learn about your travel destinations. If you are traveling to a foreign country it helps to brush up on the language or learn key phrases. Study guides and maps and add apps with critical information to your smartphone. Additionally, you may want to pencil in a schedule for the first week… allowing for jet-leg.

Nine – Study the weather conditions. Knowing what to expect weather-wise will help determine what you’ll need to pack. One of the best ways to avoid over packing is to include clothing that can be layered. Layering allows for a variety ofoutfits suitable for different occasions. And, comfortable walking shoes are a must!

Ten – Pack the travel essentials. Don’t forget to pack medications, relevant medical information, reservation-confirmation numbers, extra glasses, sunglasses and contact lenses, passports visas, bank cards, airline tickets, IDs, and cash. Essential items should be kept with you at all times in a carryon bag. Refer to your pre-travel checklist before you leave to ensure that this will be the very best travel experience ever!

Splendid German Cruises to Embark On

Splendid German Cruises to Embark On

Germans know their beer and they definitely know their soccer, but the truth is that there is so much more to this great country than most of the people would imagine! German river cruises and tours are the perfect way to discover this country’s top of the top and for those willing to embark on such a cruise there will be a very large number of options to choose from. Read on and find out about some of the best tours involving Germany and its greatest destinations!

Cologne (Creative Commons)

Cologne (Creative Commons)

Rhine Cruise: From Amsterdam to Nuremberg

If you want to get a glimpse of not one, but two countries during your river cruise, then this option could work very well for you. Your journey will start in lively, colourful Amsterdam and it will end in historically rich Nuremberg. After having spent one day cruising down the paths of Netherlands’ capital city, your vessel will move along and take you to Cologne (or Köln, if you want the German version). This city found in between the two worlds (that of the French and that of the Germans) is a gorgeous one on its own, but if you add this to how great it has been rebuilt after World War II, you will definitely come to love it as much as one can love a place. From here, you will be taken through some of Germany’s finest as well: Rüdesheim, Wertheim, Würsburg, Bamberg and, finally, Nuremberg, from where you will be transported to your flight back home in London.

To Basel and Back

If you want to see a slightly different type of scenery in your river cruise, then this one could be a great choice. Same as in the case of the previously-mentioned tour, your journey will start in Amsterdam, but it will be changed a bit along the way. From there, you will still get to stop in the great Cologne as well, but you will be led through Koblentz, Rüdesheim, Manheim and the gorgeous, stunning Black Forest. After that, you will be taken to Basel and, from there, the tour guides will make sure you reach the airport and go back home to tell everyone how absolutely amazing your holiday was.

Wilder See, Black Forest (Creative Commons)

Wilder See, Black Forest (Creative Commons)

Christmas Shopping

If you want to go on a river cruise this winter, do choose this option! Some touring agencies have organized river cruises that stop in some of Germany’s sweetest, most heart-warming and beautiful Christmas markets. You may not be able to buy designer shoes here, but you will definitely discover the charm of a more traditional Germany – one that goes beyond the large buildings and steps back in time to a world where time just went by slower.


Heaven on Earth: the Riviera Maya

Heaven on Earth: the Riviera Maya


Does that sound like an overstatement? Go to the Mexican Riviera Maya and see for yourself! You’ll come back sun bronzed, relaxed and completely awed by the incredible natural beauty of the places you’ve visited. Still not convinced? Here’s more!

Have the beast beach holiday ever

Where to begin? Miles of the softest, whitest beaches you’ve ever visited? Deliciously warm seas in the achingly beautiful shades of turquoise and blue that you only find in the tropics? Perhaps you’d like to scuba dive or snorkel a coral reef that will make you think you’re swimming in the world’s largest tropical fish tank filled with colourful sea-life of every description. Best of all, this tropical getaway is exactly what you dream of as winter chills your bones and the one thing you crave most is undiluted sunshine. Let others dream of a white, snowy Christmas while you lie back on white sands and congratulate yourself on your own interpretation of a white Christmas – one that comes with sunshine!

Go on a shopping spree!

If shopping for and finding everything from famous brands to local crafts is your idea of a fun day out. You’ll find everything you need for an action-packed shopping expedition. Browse through colourful markets or discover upmarket malls and boutiques. Sure, Paris is supposed to be a shopaholic’s heaven, but at what prices? A bargain hunter in the Riviera Maya is sure to find the trophies they’re looking for, especially if he or she loves items with a touch of local character and craftsmanship.

Enjoy the finest foods

Let’s admit it: holidays are the time to give your diet the heave-ho and feast on all your favourite foods. You’ll find just about any cuisine you enjoy on the Riviera: western delicacies, eastern treats and of course, an opportunity to explore authentic Mexican cuisine! Contrary to popular belief, it’s not all hot and spicy. Don’t leave without trying local specialities like Piyaz which has too many delicious ingredients to list or the succulent local fish known as Grida.

Stay at the best hotels

Mexico is a super-affordable destination, so if you needed an excuse to stay at fine hotels like the Barcelo Costa Cancun with its pure-white interior and exterior themes or the more unobtrusive but undeniably elegant RIU Tequila, you’ve got it! You can live in style while you’re on holiday without feeling the pinch – plus you’ll only be a step away from those fantastic beaches!

Top Sites to See in Brazil

Top Sites to See in Brazil

Brazil - the country of Samba (Creative Commons)

Brazil – the country of Samba (Creative Commons)

With the World Cup coming up, a vacation in Brazil is perfect for the adventurous, those with a spirited heart, and football fans looking for the time of their lives. It is literally a visit to a different world, a world out of time and place. If you’re a football fan, the upcoming World Cup Tournament might just be the perfect time to visit.

The World Cup, held in June, is the first month of Brazil’s balmy tropical winter and with temperatures expected to be in the mid-sixties to upper seventies, there probably will never be a better time to spend a vacation in this tropical wonderland. The mild weather combined with the upcoming historic football matches promises to thrill both the football fan and the scenic adventurer alike.

One of the great natural wonders of the world, Iguaçu Falls is situated on the border between Brazil and Argentina. The waterfall system consists of 275 falls along the Iguazu River. The most impressive of them all is the Devil’s Throat a U-shaped with a height of 82 meter (269 ft). The falls can be reached from the cities Foz do Iguaçu in Brazil and Puerto Iguazú in Argentina, as well as from Ciudad del Este in Paraguay.”

Breathtaking Iguaçu Falls by John Wiseman (Creative Commons)

Breathtaking Iguaçu Falls by John Wiseman (Creative Commons)

A helicopter ride to view the beauty and wonder of this roaring crashing majesty is the kind of event in your life that you’ll remember and talk about for a lifetime!

If Sao Paulo is on your itinerary, you’ll probably get the chance to participate in Samba Saturday. Bands all over the city play live Samba music at many of the Sao Paulo bars and restaurants.

Eating lunch, having drinks, and dancing to live Samba is a way for Paulistanos to relax after a busy work week. The best place to experience live Samba and traditional Saturday food (feijoada) is Bar Samba in Vila Madalena. It opens around 1:00-1:30 p.m. and stays open until late at night, but get there early to get a table and eat their excellent feijoada (the traditional Brazilian feast of beans, rice, dried meat, kale, farofa, and oranges). The interior is an old house that was converted and decorated with colorful painting on the walls. The crowd is fun, but remember–don’t bring your inhibitions. Instead, talk to people, try the various caipirinhas, and dance!”

The world cup winners will be decided in the final FIFA World Cup match, which will be held in Rio de Janeiro, a city known for its elegance, the friendly smiles and charm of the vividly-attired people who greet you as you tour its busy streets, and stroll through its many wildly colorful and unique bazaars.

For fun in the sun you’ll want to sunbathe on its pristine white sandy beaches, or enjoy the fun of swimming and frolicking in the crystal blue water as waves of brilliant foaming white tide rush through your legs and tickle your toes. Later, while sightseeing, be sure to visit some of the many shops and boutiques—some of which have been open for a century or more.

If you get tired or hot you might want to pause and stop for a moment’s pleasure, a cool refreshing break at a gelato or sorvete shop.  Indulge in the sweet and delicate flavors, in the feel of the smooth sorvete or gelato in your mouth.

It doesn’t get any better than this!